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Wreaths, like this holiday wreath, are filled with a variety of different meanings. It is a circle. The basis of the structure contains two different kinds of leaves: holly and evergreen leaves. It has pinecones, ribbons, apples, and a bow! It’s colors are red and green.

Each one of those components means something different, and each part can be used as a message of sorts.

So choose one aspect for your message for today!

Will you find your message in the…

Color (Red or Green)

Here are some of the meanings:

CIRCLE – The shape of the wreath represents the idea of cycles (of life), eternity, and unending love. 

RED – Can represent, in Christian ideology, the sacrifice that Jesus made, giving his life to release us from our sin. It is also a color of passion and love.

GREEN – Green is a symbol of fertility, abundance, and life. It is also associated with healing and with money. 

EVERGREEN – It is associated with renewal, the return of better days – even through the darkest days of the year, and eternal life.

HOLLY – Is said to represent the thorns on the crown of Jesus. Also, because it is a sort of evergreen, it has been used to represent the return of beautiful weather, even in the depths of winter.

PINECONES – Represent the pineal gland, also connection with the Source of all that is or God, enlightenment, and ascension.

RIBBON – Is symbolic of tying people together during the holiday seasons (not in a bizarre, masochistic way). This is about the bonds between us and continuing loving relationships through the holiday season.

APPLES – Can represent the idea that we share food at this time. If you see them as ornaments, then the message might refer to the sacrifices that one makes to be closer to God, as the blood of Jesus was shed in order to sacrifice himself for the salvation of mankind.