We all have days when everything feels like it is too much. Days where we feel incompetent, unloved, incapable, overwhelmed, slighted, hurt, broken, melancholy, dismal, distressed, isolated… just plain bad.

It’s OK to have them. Not only is it OK to have these kinds of days, it is totally, completely, 100% normal!

Here are some things that you can do to fight the doldrums when they come to visit you…

1) Breathe.

Sometimes you have to stop focusing on anything else in the whole world aside from the breath that fills your lungs and nourishes your blood, organs, and body. If you can remember, try to think about breathing in pure Universal LOVE, and breathing out gratitude for that love. Breathe in love, and breathe out gratitude.

Try to inhale for four long counts. One… two… three… four… And out for a count of eight. One… two… three… four… five… six… seven… eight…

If any thoughts enter your mind, aside from breathing in love and breathing out gratitude, let them know that you will give them your full attention once you are done with your breathing. Let them aside for just a minute. Don’t worry about solving them during your breathing time. Just focus on love, gratitude, love, gratitude.

2) Wear cozy clothes.

No reason to get all stuffy and uncomfortable in your body if your heart and soul are already feeling uncomfortable. Find your most comfortable pants and shirt – or a sweater… whatever feels good to wear. Even if you work in an office and need to dress up, you likely have something that would work for the occasion.

3) Check your eating and drinking.

Too much coffee and junk food reek havoc on your nervous system and completely affect your mood! If you are already feeling down, don’t try to pick yourself up with a bunch of sugar and coffee! OK – allow yourself a cup of Häagen-Dazs and your normal cuppa, but don’t go overboard. Instead, focus on nutrient rich foods that will nourish your body and calm your mind.

The best things to eat and drink when you are feeling down are:

chamomile tea
dark chocolate

These all have calming, sedative effects and help to boost your mood!

You can also try adding citrus fruits (sunny feeling) to your daily diet, and also Earl Grey tea (it has bergamot, which is known to help lift anxiety and depression).

4) Walk it out BAREFOOT!

As long as it isn’t too cold outside, go out and get some Earthing time in! When a has direct contact with the bare ground, s/he is exposed to feel good electrical charges that are naturally released by the Earth. These charges can help to restore a person’t energy – kind of like ‘plugging in’ to a huge energy source!

Another great way to ‘top off’ your energy supplies is by getting Reiki! I offer both in person and remote sessions! Click here for more details!

 5)  Get some sun!

The sun is another great mood elevator! It can help a person manufacture more vitamin D (a feel good vitamin), and it can also increase the amount of serotonin – your body’s feel good hormone. If you are in a place that has limited sunlight during wintertime, consider getting a sun lamp to get the same effects that sun exposure would have.

By the way, walking in the sun – or just taking a walk outdoors is a GREAT way to bouy your mood! Studies have shown that a 10 minute walk can take you from a bad mood to a good mood!


Interestingly enough, just smiling can make you happier! Researchers are still working on figuring out just why smiling makes people happier – but they do already have evidence that proves it does!

7) Get out with a good friend.

Sometimes, just going out for a coffee or talking on the phone with a friend will cheer you up! You don’t need to focus on feeling sad or complaining! Just talk about whatever comes up. If your woes do surface, share them openly and honestly. If your friend is having difficulties as well, lend your ear. Sometimes it can help to express your feelings, and sometimes it can help to be the rock for another person!

8) Get some eye candy.

If you love looking at art, go to a museum. Peruse Pinterest to see what interesting things are there. Grab a fashion magazine (if you are like me and love seeing the new styles and color schemes)…. Look at things that you find appealing!

9) Plan something exciting.

My new obsession is finding a beach home for my family and I to use for vacation holidays. I look at dream areas, like Greece and the South of France. I look in Florida. I look at homes that are near our price range. I look at luxury, multi-million dollar homes. It is just a hobby that keeps my mind focused on better days in the future!

You might want to plan a trip to Tahiti (yeah, I do that, too!) or to Mount Everest or even plan your kitchen remodel. Just change your focus to things that you love thinking about and doing. Immerse yourself in the planning process. Send a wish out to the Universe… 🙂

These are just a few things that you can do to make yourself feel a little bit better when you are having a bad day. The idea is to slow down, to calm down, and to turn your focus to more positive things in life. You can also work to change the chemicals you are ingesting that influence your mood, and just plain old breathe.

I hope these Mood Lifters help you!