This is a question I sometimes ask myself: Am I good enough to work with the angels?

Am I kind enough? Am I generous enough? Am I pure and holy enough?

Can I pass their messages on properly? Who am I to tell others what I think the angels are telling me?

What if I am making this stuff up…???

You see, sometimes I doubt myself. I doubt my access and my connection. I doubt my abilities…

And honestly, I sometimes think I can’t be good enough. I am not perfect.  I know that. I drink coffee, I yell at my kids sometimes, I curse, I judge, I eat meat and sugar, I don’t meditate as much as I should. I seldom go to church for a mass. I am not religious. I am a little rough around the edges.

And what if my messages are just random happenstance, not real messages at all…?

I’ll admit, the messages I get from the angels don’t come to me in the way that I would ideally like to have them!

I want to SEE choirs of angels surrounding the people I am working with – yet I only get the hint of an outline or feel the impression that someone there. I want to experience messages in a HUGELY PROFOUND way – the way others get them so that they KNOW without any hint of doubt that they have been visited by angels.

But I don’t…

When I am feeling down and out and questioning my ability to truly connect with angels, with God or with the Source of All That Is, I ask for a sign. And, generally speaking, I get one.




It might be a heart in the clouds, or a feather or coin in my path, or a song on the radio, or even a meme on Facebook – it is the way that the angels choose to show themselves to ME. I can either accept the messages as what they are – I can TRUST and BELIEVE – or not. It is up to me.

Personally, I choose to trust and believe.

You have that same choice. You can open up to the Universe and to angels and trust in the messages that they give you – or not. It’s up to you!

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Tweet: You have that same choice. You can open up to the Universe and to angels and trust in the messages that they give you - or not.

Some things to consider when making the decision about whether or not you are good enough to work with the angels:

  • If you are called to work with angels, then you are meant to work with them. Never doubt that.
  • The angels don’t expect perfection. They called you in the state that you are in. Of course, they might lead you to better yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and energetically. But you don’t have to be perfect to work with them. You can just be who you are. The most important thing to the angels is your desire to hear them and pass on their messages.
  • Your messages will come to you in the way that they do. This might not be the way you want them to come, but when you recognize them as messages, then you can trust that they are.
  • You have to believe. If you don’t, then there IS NO MESSAGE. It is as simple as that.

So, if you are called to work with the angels, that is a definite indication that they want to work with you! Perfection isn’t required. Belief is!