It seems kind of cruel when I put it that way, doesn’t it? Maybe that is why I avoided it to begin with.  But it is actually soooo necessary!

You see, in this new-fangled world of social media and easy to find and contact people from every are of and time frame in life, it can be easy to allow people into your “circle” who just shouldn’t be there.

As I heal myself, I am finding it easier to get rid of those people who drain me or who just don’t belong in my world.

Tweet: As I am healing myself, I am finding it easier to get rid of those people who drain me or who just don't belong in my world.


Like everyone else, I have people from my past (and present) who are not at all friendly, or who I just get a weird vibe from. As a business woman, I was letting people who did not at all resonate with me or my message  – or who were this side of downright rude – stay on my pages because I wanted more “Likes.”

I’ve decided that I can allow myself to drop these people from my world. I don’t need them – and I honestly don’t want them on my pages or in my life. And I am cool with it!

I used to see denying those friend requests as being mean or rude in some way; now I know that it is kind of like pruning my life for the sake of my health. It’s enforcing my boundaries. It is protecting my space.

If I see a post from someone who irritates me, it drags my energy down. THAT is something that I don’t need at all. I want to be surrounded by people who make me smile, make me happy, help me heal, and who bring positive messages into my life.

I’ll admit that there are people I adore whose views are totally different from mine and I want to keep them in my life or in my newsfeed. In those cases, I simply scroll through whatever they’ve posted that offends me or I even block it from my feed if I find it particularly disturbing. No biggie. I have decided that I don’t need to waste my energy trying to change anyone’s viewpoint – I have accepted the fact that I will love the person even if I don’t agree with the politics of that person. It makes things easier.

As I heal myself, I know that who I surround myself with is important – and I want to be around people who contribute to my life in a positive manner. Gently releasing people who don’t fit the bill is liberating and helps me to feel stronger, more powerful, and much more positive.