As we say in Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy (that’s her banner below!), I’ve been RIDING some WILD DONKEYS! What does that mean in normal person speak? That means I have been in creative mode, churning out the BEST of the best for you!



What have I been creating?

First, I am going to be reintroducing my Touch of Angels Tarot class. I’ve totally decided to change up the format a little, as we all know that learning tarot isn’t something that one does in 4 hours – so I have decided to create a Touch of Angels Tarot STUDY GROUP.

This group will be totally interactive, totally informative, and will totally transform your ability to read cards. It will also give a TON of information about setting up and running your very own tarot business. There will be information about angels, meditations, loads of symbolism, numerology, astrology, getting in touch with intuition, card spreads, business advice – and in depth information and study of each and every card, card interactions, how to read, how to combine cards together, telling a story… ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF!

The introductory fee for this class is $21 per month. If you want to pay it all up front and get a great deal on a YEAR OF TAROT STUDY, you pay just $200 (a savings of $52). I am working out the details for a referral program right now, so stay tuned for that information!


artwork from the Primal Painter at artwork from the Primal Painter at


Aside from that (and if you couldn’t tell), I have been really into ANGER lately (click here to read about how Anger is Your Friend)! Well, not just being angry, but in transforming, accepting, and releasing anger and using it as a strong, creative, active force in life. Right now, the wheels are spinning on just how to transform this idea into a viable program for others…. Saddling up the donkey.

AND, of course, I am working on a Sensitive Souls Survival Guide! I think this is absolutely so necessary! People like us need resources, references, advice, and SUPPORT to help us find STRENGTH IN our SENSITIVITY!

Being sensitive doesn’t mean that you have to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, that your emotions and moods are wrong or bad, that you can’t have fun and be adventurous and sexy! NO WAY! It just means that you are BETTER at doing many of the best things in life BECAUSE you are so sensitive to the world and energy around you!


Support for Sensitive Souls


And I can’t forget the angels who are nudging me to use them as a part of my business. Every. Time. I. Ask. the angels how I can bring more success into my world, they say USE US! USE US!!! So now I am embracing that notion and trying to figure out how to bring more angels to YOU, as they are in my own life each and every day!!

Phew! I think that is enough for now!

I am so happy you are here to share this with me! Without you, I just wouldn’t be doing all of this at all!