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Have you ever wanted to use your intuition to make decisions?

The other day I saw a plea for help on Facebook. A dear friend had said something to the effect of, “I wish there was something I could use to help me figure out which decision I should make and how I can move forward. I can’t figure out what is best for me.”

I responded, “There is something. It is your gut. Simply close your eyes, breathe, calm your mind and think about each option. See if one of your options calms your core and the other doesn’t…. Go with the one that leaves you with a more peaceful feeling.”

It is as simple as that, ladies and gentlemen!

The next time you have a big decision to make and you simply don’t know what to do, listen to your intuition!

How To Tune In To Your Intuition

1) Sit quietly

The first thing you want to do is to make a quiet environment — if only in your mind — to connect with your intuition.

Turn off the TV or any other distractions so that you can fully participate in the experience. Try to make a time to be alone so that you can really – without interruption – tune into your own thoughts and feelings.

2) Breathe deeply

Next, you want to relax your mind and body.

Deep breaths will help your body and spirit to relax. They will help you to tune into your self and tune out the rest of the world. Try to focus on taking a deep breath in (count to 4 or 6 while inhaling) and then exhale for two counts longer (either 6 or 8). In for a count of 6, out for a count of 8.

3) Clear your mind (don’t worry – it is just for a minute!)

Try to clear out all of the chatter and noise that you might be spinning in your mind for just a few minutes. Know that you will be able to focus more clearly on those things after you have done this exercise. This might be the hardest part of the exercise for some, so don’t worry if it takes a few tries to whisk away all of the mind chatter.

4) Think about Option A.

Tune into the first option. Think about it as if it were happening in the moment – as if that future reality were the current reality.

Note the feelings and images that just come to you. Does your stomach feel tight or cramped or relaxed and calm? Do you see or hear any words? Do any songs pop into your mind? Do you have any tingling sensations in your body or do you get goosebumps or shivers of excitement? Take a moment to fully appreciate all of the messages you are receiving.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with Option B, C, D, etc., making sure that each option is given its individual time for contemplation.

What If You DON’T Get a Straight Answer?

After working with this process, you should have a reliable answer about which decision would be best for you. If NONE of the options feel good or right, they might not be the right options for you, or you may need to wait a little longer for another option to appear.

No answer IS an answer.

Even if that sounds really frustrating, you may need to work on being patient or allowing things to unfold a little bit. The answer might become evident after time has passed.

And Finally, Trust the Process and Your Intuition

Ultimately, you should TRUST the PROCESS!

Each and every one of us was given the power and ability to use our intuition, but many of us were never taught how to use it.

Others were told to trust outside sources or authority figures, instead of looking inward for answers and solutions. You, yourself, are your best advisor – and using your own intuition will give you the best results for YOUR life.

Remember, you can use this simple and effective process to make all kinds of decisions in your life – from which lover to choose to which career to follow to which state to move to!

Instead of asking others for their advice, learn to tune into your own, internal advisor. Your gut will never lead you the wrong way!

If you’d like to chat about what your intuition is telling you, book a session with me. We’ll see what comes up in the cards and I’ll pull you — and your intuition — into the reading.