Spring is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. It is the time when the Sun comes back (oh thank Gods and Goddesses for that!), everything starts popping out of the ground, and life seems to begin again!

Before we go on any further, I just want to explain that I don’t follow any religion – old or new – but I am super-fascinated by all of them and am keen to learn about them and apply the wisest bits of all of them into my life. Really, if we look at all of the religions anyway, they are all linked together with feasts and seasons and astrological happenings and so forth. To me, many different dogmas were created around celebrating the exact same thing – and the basic gist of all of the celebrations is fundamentally the same.

For example, we are moving into Spring right now – the season that follows the cold, dead, dreariness of winter. If we were looking at that from a place of sheer innocent observation – many might just think that things are rising from the dead and returning to life, just like the theme of resurrection.

Aside from the obvious buds and flowers sprouting out of things that looked and acted like lifeless shells for several months, we also have celestial events going on right now that are symbolized by the death and rebirth. The Earth’s travels around the Sun have finally brought it to a place where the light of the Sun overcomes the darkness of the winter months – and therefore brings a time of celebration of the victory of light over dark.

If you want a wonderfully great explanation of this and how the celestial events influence the stories behind several religions, check out this video, Zeitgeist, from about 19:33 to about 23:00.

In addition to the movement of the stars and Moon in our solar system – and our ability to note them as important time periods for many religions, we also have this primal instinct that is starting to emerge from the gloom and stress of winter: It is a time when many animals and plants get busy with getting busy! So, we have gone from darkness to light, from stored foods to fresh, from reserving our energy to bursting forth from our cores to celebrate life and the creation of life. 😉

All those bunnies you are seeing in the stores and on TV right now… You know what bunnies do best, right? They  ***k their bunny brains out and make happy little baby bunnies – lots and lots of them! Eggs are fertilized ovals of possibility – all animals have eggs of some sort; they are a big part of the process of creation and procreation.

Spring Cleaning

And really, we can apply this very principle to many areas of our lives. We can use this time to work to grow concepts that we have been kicking around into full-fledged genius. We can work to cultivate relationships, sewing seeds of love, friendship, and acceptance and tending the fledgling bonds with loving care. We can harness our creative potential and use it to fuel the making of masterpieces – in words, song, paint, pencil, watercolors – whatever medium gets our hearts pounding and souls singing. We can chase after our spouses with a lustful look in our eyes and that Spring fever on our minds!

The celebration of the coming of spring – the return of the Sun and renewal of a feeling of vitality – is a glorious practice. No wonder people from all religious backgrounds – even atheists – love this time of the year!

Welcome to Spring!