Are you in the habit of setting intentions under the new moon?




Ah. The New Moon Energy – great for setting intentions and establishing goals for the month.
Remember, though, that New Moon work should be about increasing, as the Moon goes from seemingly nothing to its beautiful round glory.

What do you want more of in your life?

Take a few minutes to set ONE goal for the upcoming New Moon phase, as it’s better to put all of your energy into achieving one specific thing than it is to spread your energy to a variety of different tasks or areas of life…

If you want to work on something like losing weight, you can always phrase your New Moon objectives in a positive way. For example, say things like:

  • I will increase my muscle mass
  • I will work out more
  • I will eat more healthy foods

See how that works? Avoid using decrease words, like lose or have less of and use terms that are related to increase like grow and more.

I also adore the New Moon Abundance Checks. They are a great way to have fun working a little magick into your life.

Make sure that you do any increase or manifestation of more work AFTER the moon has started growing again (after the point it turns new). You can find a list of the times here: Time and Moon Phases

If you’d like to work with Angels to help to bring your New Moon desires to fruition, here is a little breakdown of who to call on:

Angels and Moon Work

When you would like to get a little bit of angelic support for any New or Full Moon spells or intentions, there are a couple of angels who are associated with the moon and who you can call upon to help you manifest your desires.

Archangel Gabriel is commonly associated with the moon and moon cycles, and would be an excellent angel to call upon to help to increase the power of any intentions (increasing or decreasing) that you are harnessing the energy of the moon to strengthen in your business or life.

Archangel Haniel is also tied with using the energy of the moon and its cycles to increase (or decrease), depending on your aspirations, in your life.

Calling on the angels for their help with your goals or issues is as simple as just saying, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Haniel, please help me to use the power of the moon to work on/in (whatever it is you are looking to change in your life)!

How do you set intentions under a New Moon? Do you have a ritual you like to follow? Please feel free to share your rituals in the comments here!