Nine? Why 9 random facts about me?

Well, 9 isn’t such a random number to begin with, and I know that you want to get to know me a little bit better… so I thought I would post some things about me that you might or might not know! And I actually started with the number 17 and got bored with making the list! On to the useless factoids about yours truly!


1) I love to garden. Digging in the dirt, weeding, planting, watching everything grow… I LOVE IT! We built our own compost heap and I usually grow vegetables to use in cooking, and we have a on of spices as well. My kids like to help me, too!





2) My family and I live in Austria, but I am an American! My dear husband brought me across the pond, from the eternal summer of Arizona to the more temperate (and snowy) Austria. There are some things I adore about living here, like traveling through Europe so easily – but sometimes I really miss home.


3) I read tarot on an online radio show for about 3 months. That was a GREAT experience, but it just was so early to wake up – 4:30 a.m. is not my time of the day! I’d like to get back into doing radio in the future, but I am waiting for the right opportunity.


4) Art is one of my passions. When I was younger, I had dreams of becoming an artist. There are so many intimidatingly talented people out there – good friends of mine who are exceptionally gifted – and I just didn’t think that my own work would cut the mustard, so to speak, so I decided to allow it to be a hobby instead of a career. I still LOVE going museum hopping – the security guards follow me around because I get close to the pictures to look at the details of the sketches (if I can see them), the brush strokes, and the qualities of the mediums that are used. My favorite genre is probably realistic surrealism – but I really adore almost all art that I see.


Salvador Dali, Caravan
Salvador Dali, Caravan


5) I collect stones, rocks, shells, feathers, and many objects you find outdoors. My husband doesn’t really appreciate my collections. 🙂 I have beautiful rocks that I picked up on note-worthy hikes, shells from the Adriatic Coast of Italy, sea glass from Nice in France… My collection is diverse and growing!


6) I love working with angels! Seriously! I kind of feel a little silly talking about it sometimes, but working with them is such a positive joy in my life. Every time I ask for a sign or a little symbol that they are there, the angels go over the top to get my attention – often cracking  me up with their antics. Read about some of my experiences with the angels here.


7) Nine is one of my favorite numbers. I love it. I also love 11, 5, and 23. Go figure.


8) I run as often as possible. Never in my life did I think that I would be a runner; I was the anti-runner until I was about 36 (I forget exactly when I started). When I first started running as a sport/hobby, I alternated running and walking to fit my fitness level and how I was feeling – I do the same now.


9) Working with energy came naturally to me! I didn’t even understand what I was doing at first or why; I just did it intuitively. I didn’t even hear about Reiki until a few years ago, and then I thought A-HA!!


Well, that is a little bit about me! How about you? What is a random fact about yourself that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below!