During this past week, I happened upon the artwork of Laurie Hamilton, a.k.a. The Primal Painter.


Laurie’s goal is to infuse her artwork with healing energy that touches her audience members and helps them to increase their vibration. Goal. Hit.

Laurie describes the process in this way:

I focus on connecting with the Source and infusing the image with reiki energy, light and love in the form of light, color and patterns throughout the entire process. I’ll attune it again specifically for the person who buys it. Those who are sensitive to energy will feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, goosebumps or a lift in mood and well being.



When I view her pieces, I get goosebumps, chills, tingling…Then I read the information about the specific qualities of the color choices and the effect that certain pieces are supposed to have, and I am gobsmacked. Really. Those who are sensitive to energy will likely have the same response. It’s powerful.

Intentions infused into color that flows and moves and stimulates different chakras and feelings – helping to clear blocks and balance energy. Laurie says that it is channelled through allowing Spirit to take over the process and move her to create. Considering the outcome and the feeling that I get from her work, I know it is inspired.

I had to contact Laurie because I was so moved that I wanted to use her pieces for my site and some of my materials. Laurie is a kind soul and we have arranged an agreement – and I am THRILLED!

[caption id="attachment_421" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Does this look familiar? Does this look familiar?

You can find Laurie’s work at http://www.lightworkerenergyart.com and at her Etsy shop. If a piece calls to you, then buy it!