Starting November 7, 2013, I will be offering an Online Tarot Course for beginners and those who would like to sharpen their intuitive tarot and oracle card reading skills. Right now, I am envisioning a 4-5 week class that will run on a webinar style platform and allow for real-time interaction and questions. Courses will be available for download after they are completed.

Along with the coursework, I am developing a few guided meditations to use to prepare for your readings, to connect with your angelic guides, and to unwind and find a greater connection with the Source.

What will the course cover?

  • Preparing your deck
  • Maintaining the energy of your deck
  • Grounding before and after readings
  • Connection with the Source and with Angels to help with readings
  • Sharpening your intuition
  • The Major Arcana overview
  • The Minor Arcana overview
  • One card readings
  • Three card spreads
  • Celtic Cross spread
  • Multi-deck readings
  • Cutting cords/maintaining energetic integrity
  • Working with clients

Wow! That is a LOT to cover – but I think that we will do it and it will be FUN, INFORMATIVE, and ANGELIC!

Participants will receive a certificate that they have completed the Touch of Angels Tarot Course!

I am still working out the pricing and all of the details – I am thinking that the first class will be offered at a VIP discount – so keep your eyes peeled for more information so that you can take advantage of the special offer that will ONLY be for the first group to take the course!