Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!! I can hardly stand the anticipation. Two days and counting until Salzburg and the Certified Angel Card Reading with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine! Shivers and chills! Well, OK. THREE DAYS, but two til I leave.

I’ve already taken the certification course; that was one of the prerequisites for being a volunteer…and it will be so much fun to watch so many others connect with their cards and learn to trust their guidance and intuition in readings.

Interestingly enough, being a volunteer has put me in contact with another angel worker in the same area as I live: Vienna, Austria-ish. The coincidences between us are hilarious! It’s easy to see how our meeting was orchestrated by Spirit. Both of our names are Sue (Susan and Suzanne), both of us are from Indiana, both of us are Scorpios, both angel workers…see how that goes…!

Our missions in life are so similar that we have already started the very early stages of planning a healing/angel work center together. Of course, I will keep you all posted on the details as they emerge!

Well, I am off to get about 10,000 things done now. I’ll write after my superfab trip to Salzburg!

PS – I’m going to be doing my radio show from Salzburg next Monday night, so tune in if you’d like!