Tips for Manifesting

Hey there!

During my radio show on September 16th, I talked a little bit about manifesting. I’d love to give you some hints about how to manifest just what you WANT in your life!

1) Manifestation is SIMPLE. Getting what you want out of life is as easy as setting your focus on and asking the Universe for your truest desires.

2) Focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t. Many people continually talk and think about the negatives in life – the people who have hurt them, their “lack” of (insert desire here), how bad life is. Manifesting is all about thinking about, talking about, and focusing on the BEST things in life – all that you have and everything you desire.

3) Spell it out for the Universe! Looking for a wonderful partner? Write down all of the qualities you are looking for in a partner – is he/she loving, attentive, kind, generous, sexy, talkative, devoted? Write it down! Want a new job? Write about and think about what you would be doing during the workday, what your pay and benefits would be like, how you would interact in your team. Need money? ASK the Universe to bring it to you – ***make sure that you ask for what you need/want and make sure that you ask that it comes for your highest and greatest good and without harm, death, or any negative circumstances being the source.*** That part is SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

Basically, this part is writing out a specific order for the Universe to fulfill for you.

4) Remind yourself DAILY about what you want in life. Make a vision board. Keep your order in a place that you look at daily.

5) Direct your actions toward achieving your desires. If you truly desire a job as a fashion designer or author or rockstar, you need to look for work in the field you want to work in! If you want a hot, smoking body, you have to work to get it! Of course, the Universe is going to put AWESOME opportunities in your path – and you have to be willing to take them when they come along – even if it IS work!

6) Be authentic. The Universe is going to know if what you are asking for is really, truly what YOU want for your life – and will act accordingly. If you say you want a new job, but your heart and soul are unsure, then you might not get the new job – or you will get it, but you won’t be happy with it. Ask only for what you are ultra-super sure that you want with 100% of your being.

It’s also important to note that your desires for your life should be YOURS. Not your mom’s, not your boyfriend’s, not what your friends want for you – THIS IS ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF!

7) BELIEVE. I don’t know if this should be #1 or #6, but it is OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you have faith that the Universe WILL provide you with your desires, that manifestation really does work.

8) BE GRATEFUL! When the Universe delivers, be thankful for your good fortune. In fact, take a little time to note your gratitude each and every day. Be thankful for the love you have in your life, the abundance, the warmth, the food, the people, the lessons and the trials, too. Live in a constant state of gratitude for all that you are given, and the Universe will likely give you MORE!

9) Keep a journal. Not only do you want to note the specific things you would like to manifest, but you also want to note your MANIFESTATION SUCCESSES! Keeping a journal will allow you to document each and every time your requests are granted by the Universe – that way, you will grow confidence and faith in manifestation!

There are some great books out there about manifesting your true desires. Check these three out:

The Secret

The Game of Life And How To Play It

Bodies of Light: Enlightenment for Every Body