The Fool

Keywords: Honesty, authenticity, courage, optimism, new beginnings, openness, trust.

I will admit that I wasn’t very fond of the Fool when I first started reading tarot, many years ago. There is something about the modern feelings about the term “fool” or “foolish” that are a turn-off. But, once I got to really know and understand what the Fool was all about, I was much more attracted to his spirit!

He is the one who sees what he wants and goes out and tries to get it! His motivations are pure and driven by his authentic desires. Fear of failing or of looking like – well – like a FOOL do not bother him! He wears his heart on his sleeve and follows his whims to wherever they lead him. He takes those leaps of faith and keeps his fingers crossed about the results.

As a life coach, I find that the Fool is something of a mascot to me. When working with clients, I will always encourage them to follow their dreams, to honestly and openly communicate their needs and to pursue their passions.

Of course, there can be downsides to this card – rushing from project to project or love to love without thinking about the consequences of your actions or being foolish in a way that is not self-serving, but selfish…etc.

All in all, I have come to appreciate the Fool and his energy – especially when I need to see that the time is right for me to take on those new challenges or to really be honest with myself about what I desire in life. His message helps bring me back to my authenticity.

Cards: Rider Waite, Angel Tarot from Doreen Virtue, Thoth