I have been experimenting with is Tarot/Oracle card apps for my iPad. There are so many good decks available for really reasonable prices and the apps are great for learners and pros alike. In my experience, readings performed over the apps are just as spot on as those hand dealt from tactile decks.



One of the definite things I love about the apps is that I am able to save and email great readings that are automatically generated by the application. All of the cards are listed, along with the classic meanings and the position that the card came up in the reading in.

One downfall is that there is no image generated in the emailed reading to show what the cards look like in some of the apps, so everything is text based. This, to me, is a big minus as I am a visual person and I love looking at the cards to enhance/deepen the meaning that I receive from readings.

Some other pros and cons I struggle with about the apps: The cards are easy to shuffle and lay out, but there are only a few different spreads available. Some decks do not have “spreads,” per se, but 1, 3 and 5 card draws (these are more coaching cards than divination cards, though).

I also hesitate to use them for readings for clients. Why – especially when they would save me so much typing? Because I feel that there is something about me actually laying out the cards and reading them for or with a client. I don’t know…call me old fashioned.

Still, I might use the apps for specials or when I do larger parties on my page in order to save some time and get great readings out to more people more quickly.

What do you say? Would you find a reading emailed directly from an app equally as valuable as a hand drawn reading? Why or why not?