When I was stretching out after my workout today, I kind of stumbled into a nice little meditation.

First, I started out with a little Reiki shower to kind of cleanse off any negativity that might have been clinging, then I decided to balance my chakras along with my stretching.

As I have been deeply mentally embroiled in creating my “vanity website”: the online representation of who I am and what I bring to the table, this meditation kind of just flowed out from me.



To balance my needs as an individual, I need to support my being/my existance (base) with creativity, confidence, and work from the heart. For this, I need to properly use my voice, my intuition, and my connection to the Universe. So mote it be.

That was a wonderful way for me to really tie the guidance that Spirit gave to me with the direction I want to go and make sure how I represented myself and what I do/did/will do caters to me as a whole being. It allowed me to really get in touch with and in tune with my “core” beliefs. Much of the conflict that I had been feeling about this disappeared after I focused on this mantra.