The burning question for me today was about wanting to take a look at my career/business standing. I am one busy gal – with three children, a home, a husband who I actually like spending time with … and also with three budding businesses and a part-time job. Whew! I have a TON of responsibility with each area and the combination is sometimes overwhelming.

As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I am well aware of the need to pursue one’s authentic passions and dreams (as I am doing with my businesses) – but also to strive for balance in life. What kind of life does one have if she puts all of her time and effort into work while neglecting herself and her family? How can she best use the time available to get the most out of her work AND leave more time and energy for her children and spouse?

The reading I chose for this particular topic was the Raven’s Eye spread. This wonderful spread can be used to shed light on a variety of different topics – from business to love to family matters.

These were the questions that were on my mind as I shuffled and drew the cards for this reading.

This simple spread shows:

  1. Where you are
  2. Where you should be
  3. What is above you (or the situation as it is)
  4. What is before you (what you can expect in the near future)
  5. What you should avoid
  6. What you should look for

Cards 5 and 6 are unnecessary if you are only working with the Major Arcana when dealing this spread.

I also picked a Goddess Guidance card to throw a little guidance from the Goddesses into the mix!

The cards that came up for me today were:

Where I am:

Ace of Air – New ideas and insight coming into my career. Gaining insight into projects that were troubling to me, which will allow me to move forward.

Where I should be:

Eight of Air – So. True. Feeling stuck or trapped (in all of the responsibility), but really having a way out of it (if I want to let others down, decrease my load). I have to find the confidence and courage to better represent and speak for myself in what I do. It is hard, and – like the card says – I am allowing fear to hold me back from doing what I should. In context, I feel that this card is urging me to do what I know is right – to break away from some of this.

What is above me:

Two of Water – Definitely what the basis of the situation is. I have a friendship that is growing closer as a result of some of the work I do. Drawing back some of the energy would, to me, jeopardize something that I just don’t want to sacrifice at this point in time. But, this card also indicates the positive outcome to a conflict. Hmmmm…

What lies before me:

Seven of Air – The image of this card is one of a carousel – up, down, round and round without forward motion. Oh yeah, do I need to reevaluate my plan and try to see what all there is deep within all of my responsibilities so that I can move forward.

What to avoid:

Page of Fire – LOL! Another project, another exciting new endeavor. Yeah. I don’t need to take anything more on for the moment. I have to remind myself of that should a great new opportunity come my way!

What to look for:

Knight of Water – Need to balance emotions. Find balance. Ride this with the reins firmly in my hands (as the angelic image on the card is doing). Truth.

The Knight of Water can also indicate a social event – this would likely be the Mind, Body, Soul expo in London that I am keen to participate in.

The Goddess Guidance card was Aphrodite who is urging me to take good care of myself. Also, I see this as a change in how I present myself because the jeans and t-shirts of being a full-time SAHM are not the successful business gear I need. Also, I really want to take care of myself better. I am a goddess and I deserve to put as much effort into myself as I do into caring for others. I need to keep this in mind!

All in all, this turned out to be an excellent reading. I need to find my courage and step back from some of the responsibility that I feel so limited by. I have to avoid taking on another project (however tempting it might be). and I have to realize that I am the one in charge of creating balance in my life!

Until next time!