Image by Jennifer Ravsten
Image by Jennifer Ravsten

I am giddy to announce a couple of new services I will be offering! For the next two weeks (May 15-31, 2013), I will be discounting these services by 25%!


These readings are a combination of Tarot and Life Coaching and are not for divination or fortune telling, but for personal and spiritual growth – and learning to trust your own intuition. A spread of cards will be drawn and laid out, and we will go over each card in detail either by IM, by Skype or via email.

  • Your intuition will play a key role in the reading the cards and designating meanings for the messages that you are receiving from the cards.
  • These readings will help you to grow trust in your own intuition because you will be relying on your own feelings about the images, instead of being dependent on my interpretations.
  • You will receive guidance and support from me in working out a growth plan based on your readings.
  • Email support related to the readings will be available after each session

Session pricing follows:

Three Card Guided Intuition Reading: $50

Five Card Guided Intuition Reading: $75

Celtic Cross or Forward Motion Spread: $100

Custom spreads and longer sessions are available and will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. 

These sessions are by appointment only! 

****Angel Reports****

You send me your birthdate and two issues that are most pertinent in your life right now, and I will send you a Detailed Angel Report listing at least 4 of the members of your Guardian Angel team, invocation tips, and also a Three Card Angel Card Reading (deck choice will depend on the issues that you are concerned with).

Angel Reports are $44.44

Readings will be sent out within 72 hours of receipt of payment. 

****Butterfly Readings****

If you order a Butterfly Reading, you will be donating $10 of the cost of the reading to either or a charity that donates to families of those affected by EB. In the spirit of sharing, I will add $5 to your reading cost and cover the other $5 myself!

I am really looking forward to serving you with these new options. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

**if you are interested in seeing more of Jennifer Ravsten’s work – which is brilliant I might add – check her out at