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Hi there!

My name is Susan Ellis-Saller, and I would love to help you find balance, strength and prosperity in your life and business.

My passion and area of focus is helping other Earth Angels, Sensitive Souls, and Lightworkers like myself find the strength and courage to honor themselves and their sensitivities in business and in life. I must warn you, though, I am not a mild, pastel Earth Angel, but one with a bit more edge!

Business Advising for Sensitive Souls and Earth Angels

I offer a full range of services, from Everything You Need to Start Your Business to website and blog editing, proofreading, and polishing.

Let me help you!

Reiki Therapy


Reiki and Quantum Energy treatments are based on the art of pulsing energy from one person to another in order to increase relaxation.

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Are you looking for information that will help you to make decisions for your future, clarify relationships, or help you move more confidently into your future?

An Angel, Tarot, or Oracle Card reading might be just right for you!