You’re here to make a difference in the world. Let me help you.

Hey there! I’m Sue.


I’m a card-slinging, energy wielding, symbol interpreting Spiritual Advisor who loves helping other people learn to create and market content so their businesses can grow, prosper, and thrive! I still love reading cards and healing, too!

Because I am also a sensitive, spiritual entrepreneur, I understand the work you do like no muggle marketer could and I also know you prefer attraction marketing and easy sales, so that’s how I approach your work and marketing. 

Tarot and Angel Card Readers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers


Feeling overwhelmed?

Get guidance for your marketing strategy or just let me market your business for you! That way, you can focus on creating from your zone of genius and your social media marketing will be handled.


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Are you a writer or a spiritual advisor?


I have a fabulous site, Spiritual Business Spotlight, that is focused on helping up and coming spiritual and sensitive entrepreneurs share their gifts. There is a directory and I am always looking for articles about spirituality and ritual, magic, energy healing, channeled messages, horoscopes and astrological information, tarot reading, symbolism, numerology, angels, ETs, elementals, and all the fun stuff!


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